From Google Sheets to Jira

About TaskSift's Google Sheets integration

Finally there is a way to use all feedback, ideas, feature requests, and bug reports locked into spreadsheets.

Lots of great stuff remains unused because turning spreadsheets into user stories used to be a lot of work.

With TaskSift it becomes easy. Just share your Google Sheet with TaskSift. Then use our point-and-click interface to turn rows and columns and attachments into user stories.

No copying & pasting needed: just click to move lines of text into your user story.

Requires no access to your G Suite account.

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Google Sheets integration

About TaskSift's Atlassian Jira integration

Finally there is an easy way to publish feedback, ideas, feature requests, and bug reports to Jira.

Use email, Trello, Zendesk, and friends to collect and manage user feedback. Then use TaskSift to triage all data, write user stories, and publish them to Jira in order to turn ideas into features.

Reads and writes Jira issues.

No personal API key needed.

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Jira integration
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