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Torrent of tickets, tamed

Triage product input buried in emails, tickets, bug reports, feature requests, cards, team chats, and spreadsheets.
Create tasks, user stories, or work items quicker by merging content from one or more tickets into one task. This reduces clutter and speeds up your work.

Publish, to anywhere

Send tasks created with TaskSift to apps like Azure DevOps, Jira, or GitHub.

A link to a TaskSift "context page" is added to every published task. This helps your team to see the origination of bugs and feature requests.
TaskSift integrates with the tools you know

Status tracking, automated

No longer chase people for status updates.

Status changes like "Open > Closed" are instantly visible in TaskSift.

For tasks based on multiple source tickets each individual source status is also visible.

Modify item statuses within TaskSift or jump to the original tickets.

Follow up, effortlessly

Impress customers with timely and personal replies.

TaskSift tracks and displays links to all tickets that were used as sources for one particular task.

Use these links to jump into a ticket's own app to respond to customer or your team.
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This video shows two of many integrations supported by TaskSift

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